Windows 7 64-Bit onto your Mac (Select CD-Rom Boot Type:)

If you get this error when trying to install windows 7 64bit on your Mac, then follow this guide.

“Select CD-Rom Boot Type:_”


1 – Create 3 folders c:\windows7iso c:\windows7exe c:\windows7dvd
2- Download this .exe file and put into c:\windows7exe
3- Download a Windows 7 ISO from the ActionPack or MSDN website, or create an ISO file from your Windows 7 DVD. Move the ISO into the c:\windows7iso and unzip the contents (into the same directory) with MagicISO
4- Move .iso file out of c:\windows7iso (to anywhere else)
open a dos prompt, change directory to c:\windows7exe and type exactly as shown :

oscdimg -n -m -bc:\windows7iso\boot\ c:\windows7iso c:\windows7dvd\windows7dvd.iso

Now burn the windows7dvd.iso file to a DVD and proceed to install windows 7 on your mac!


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  • Thanks from me too!
    Works perfectly on a 2008 Macbook Pro 17” with Windows 8 Pro 64Bit where Apple says it doesn’t support it anymore. First time booting from the dvd (with the option key) it had a dos like blinking line but second try worked after a long wait on the windows 8 logo.

    Extra tip for windows 8 x64 users: after installing the old but supported bootcamp drivers grab the new bootcamp drivers and exe (apple sys files from system32/drivers and bootcamp files from program files folder) from a newer macbook that officially supports win8 64bit and overwrite the old ones for stability – had bsods before that but now everything works stable and fast.

  • Thanks a lot, this solves my problem of macbook A1181 with win 7 64 bit.

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