iPhone Unlocking… An Easy Reality !

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IPhone unlocking now as easy as 1..2..3, the IPhone dev team (after a small april fools intermission) have finally released their new Pwnage tool for unlocking the IPhone (and possibly iPod Touch) to use any software.

Pwnage lets you load in any firmware you want, including patched firmwares not signed by Apple — which could lead to everything from custom software distributions to totally new OSs ported over (like, say, Android or Linux).

Video available at engadget proving the validity of the dev teams claims, as well as hundreds of people now crammed into their IRC channel boasting about their newly activated 2.0 firmware running a whole host of random providers now !

On a personal note, this is awesome news, still not sure if ill be rushing out to purchase one of these bad boys, at £269 their still a little over the price id be willing to pay… But rumours are ripe at current about the 2nd generation of iPhone where 3G will be the order of the day with a possible GPS unit as standard… that could possibly be the tipping point for my decision ! Oh yea, and would someone please make this thing compatible with BluePhone Elite, I cant seem to text anymore without that application lol !

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